Making the Most of MIPIM: An Insider’s Guide

15 February 2024 | 6 min read

Author: Norman Taylor, Consultant



MIPIM: The Global Property Conference Beacon
MIPIM, or the International Market for Real Estate Professionals, is a premier event in the property world. Hosted yearly in the stunning city of Cannes, MIPIM has grown from a gathering of 3,000 enthusiasts to a bustling hub of over 23,000 delegates from all corners of the globe.


Despite taking a hit from the pandemic, MIPIM has made an impressive comeback, signalling its enduring importance in the industry.


Why Cannes Should Be Your Next Networking Destination
At MIPIM, you’re not just attending another industry event…you’re immersing yourself in a world where the key influencers of international real estate converge. Whether forging ties with current contacts or sparking new ones, this event is a melting pot of opportunities.


MIPIM was pivotal for me personally in 2004 when it led to a connection with the chairman of Capita Symonds, paving the way for the eventual acquisition of my company.


It’s a place where a year’s worth of networking is condensed into just four days, all within Cannes’ pleasant, laid-back atmosphere.


Will Deals be Done on the Spot?
As a consultant, anticipate handshakes more than handouts in terms of projects. MIPIM is less about immediate deals and more about planting seeds for future growth. The real magic happens when you return home, nurturing the connections made and leveraging them into tangible opportunities.


For international players, MIPIM is an invaluable setting to encounter foreign investors and developers. Cities and local authorities can also seize the chance to showcase their regions to an international audience.


Top Tips for MIPIM Success
Brace yourself — MIPIM is as challenging as it is rewarding, and your stamina will be tested. Above all, comfortable footwear is a must. Remember that late nights and abundant wine may prove counterproductive.


Planning is your friend, from securing flights and lodgings to scheduling meetings. Keep your diary flexible enough to allow for those spontaneous, yet potentially fruitful, encounters.


The Key to MIPIM Success: Following Up
The journey doesn’t end as you wave goodbye to Cannes. Organise the business cards you receive into categories based on potential. It’s crucial to reconnect with your new contacts within a fortnight to ensure the efforts at MIPIM bloom into successful partnerships.


As the dust settles on your return, prioritise your energies towards the most promising leads, and watch as your MIPIM venture bears fruit.

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